Original wedding sense


Ibiza island boasts you all the necessary and even more than you would imagine to celebrate an original wedding. Its unspoilt and pristine beaches, its breathtaking views overlooking the amazing rocky island called “Es Vedra”, its special nature and the open-minded attitude of its inhabitants makes this magic island a perfect place to get married.

Have you ever felt on the verge of collapse organizing a celebration? Do not bother about anything, we will care for you organizing any single detail of your event. Our hard working team is highly qualified and is always willing to make their best to prepare a unique wedding according to your wishes.

If you are looking for an impressive place to make your dreams come true, Ibiza is the precise place. Not only marriages are welcome, but also any kind of weddings are available.

Religious wedding.

As I said before, the open-minded attitude of Ibiza’s local people, lets you celebrate any kind of religious wedding. All different religions and cultures are accepted: Hindu, Jew, Protestant, Christian or Muslimg can be celebrated in Ibiza. Also traditional weddings, as the gypsy ones, are welcomed.

Civil wedding

You can also get married in a civil way to legalize your relationship.

Homosexual wedding

Due to the fact that Ibiza doesn’t mind about sexual preferences, gay and lesbian weddings are also welcome. Moreover, they are considerably increasing year after year.

Theme wedding 

We will also succeed organizing your dreamed wedding.  If you feel stuck in a rut and you are thinking of making a special celebration quite out of the ordinary, do not hesitate to contact us. We will make your dreams come true. Let us know about your preferences and leave all the wedding arrengements to us.

Are you keen on soldier’s world? Then just ask for a military wedding. We provide you with all the necessary, including dressing up and making of, in order that you feel as a commando in Afganistan.

If you are a romantic couple, you will prefer a magic natural wedding. It consists of a celebration with no artificial lights to iluminate the scene; just get close to the fire for this special occasion. You can include some candles and fireworks to enhance its magic.

For those more interested in movies, we boast a wide range of possibilities. Just tell us which is your favourite film or saga and we will arrange all the details for your Holliwood wedding. Nowadays, the most demanded one is the Star Wars wedding.

If  you prefer to travel back in time, Ibiza offers you the possibility to leave your celebration up in the Medieval World Heritage Site of Ibiza’s old town.  Imagine you surrounded by the medieval walled old town of Ibiza and overlooking the peaceful Mediterranean sea. You will be amazed with the astonishing pictures than will be made in this privileged location.

Last but not least, Ibiza has many awesome beaches provided with high quality restaurants, where to be married will be an extraordinary experience. Not only the white sand and the clear crystal water, but also the excellent weather offer you the possibility of making that remarkable date the best day in your life.

If you are looking for a homely celebration you can choose one of the pristine hidden places that still exist in the magic island to get married. On the other hand, if you are keen on stealing the show you will prefer to decide on any of the famous crowded and amazing places that Ibiza offers.

Once the place and type of wedding is choosen, just relax. Our team is here to make your life easier and willing to work to live up to your expectations.

Taking into account all the facilities that a marrying couple would need, we arrange all the details with a original touch.

Apart from tasteful food and magnificent wines and champagnes, we will provide on request make up, hairdresser, photographer, clothing, decoration, music, lights and decoration. You can also choose from multiple houses, restaurants or villas, the one which best fits to you and your special guests. Last but not least, there is a wide range of epoque cars to rent for this unforgettable occasion.


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