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We can bring right to your door anything you need or want, freeing you from time consuming searching and shopping. Tell us your wishes and we will deliver any food and beverages, culinary specialities or anything you can imagine.

If you are looking for a loyal provider or you feel that yours does not care for you enough, do not hesitate to contact us. I strongly believe that you will never regret it.

We provide anything you can request. Our professional and hard working suppliers help us to make your dreams come true. That´s not an easy job, but being perseverant and enthusiastic  enables us to succeed.

At the moment, the most requested feeding items are traditional ingredients.

First of all., as an example of fresh traditional fish, we supply “mero”, tuna fish, sole (“gallo”) and “raor”. The last one, which is called raor by local people, is worth to be mentioned apart.  Raor is considered one of the most valuable fishes all over the world. It is the most expensive fish in Spain. Due to the fact that raor is a protected specie, fisherman are allowed to fish them just in September. For that reason it is not easy to find in local markets.

Ibiza also offers a wide range of delicious traditional wines. We will be delighted to recommend you some traditionally made Ibiza’s wine.

Ibiza’s olive oil is really unusual, even better than the excellent mediterranean one.

In addition to all these items, there are local fruits as lemons, oranges, avocados, figs, almonds and carob beans. They are all exceptionally tasteful and they are used in many typical dishes.

Last but not least, there is a reduced but excellent livestock industry, which includes sheeps, pigs and goats. Most of the farmers in the island keep animals in the open and the results of this can be seen in the high standard quality of the meat.

To sum up, Ibiza boasts a wide range of delicious ingredients that will live up to your expectations. Remember, you can get them just on a click.  Apart from the previous really demanded items, we also deliver anything you can need.



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